This is an image of the back side of the circuit board
 in monochrome. This is a small image of the circuit board design.

Hackaday Design Challenge
Contest Entry

Lights too bright? Fans too blowy? Motors too spinny? Pumps too squirty? Lasers too lase-y? You need a—

Six-channel Analog Pulse Width/Frequency Power Modulator

—in your back pocket—on a business card.

Thanks to the Hackaday folks for running this contest. I don't know about y'all, but I have endless uses for pulse width/frequency DC power modulators, and since I have a few nice gate driver ICs lying around for another project…

This is a 3D POV-Ray rendering of the back side of the circuit board.
      It is linked to the same image at a higher resolution. RTFM

Parts 0.78

Zipped Gerber Files 0.78

Zipped Eagle Files 0.78


I just have a few things left to do, but the board can be built from what's posted here.

  1. Finish numbering the parts and regenerate the silkscreen and parts list. [Done 2006-12-26.]
  2. Clean up the schematic. [Done 2007-01-10. Click on the image below right.]
  3. Clean up [done 2006-12-26] and post a more detailed parts list with supplier part numbers [done 2006-12-27] and current prices.
  4. Move some of the stuff in the manual to separate web pages, clean it all up, and check the links.
  5. Illustrate the manual better and add some more references.

This is a small part of the schematic.  Click on it to see the whole thing. Though I've dabbled with electricity in various forms off-and-on for thirty years, this is the first PCB I've tried to make since I was a kid. (As I dimly recall, those were abject failures, but apparently the bug had bitten!) I may have put way too much time into this project, but I figure I'll be able to use the experience for the other more involved project I'm doing. Hopefully, at least a few people will get something useful out of this, and perhaps even build a handy-dandy pocket power modulator of their very own.

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