This is an image of the back side of the circuit board
 in monochrome. This is a small image of the circuit board design.

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Six-channel Analog Pulse Width/Frequency Power Modulator

Parts List

To aid in assembly, here is an autogenerated parts list keyed to the PCB. Below is a more condensed version.

Parts is Parts
SymbolsQuantityValueDescription Newark#Radio Shack# SMD (optional)
F1110AInline Fuse Holder, 3AG (¼×1¼″) 67K1436 270-1217
52AFuse, 3AG 26K8480 270-1023
X1110A'Molex' Hard Drive Power Connector Assembly 18M8177 278-767(cut wires)
C24,c25247μFPower Decoupling Capacitor, ≥16V 70K9685 272-1027 0805
200.1″ pitchShunt Jumpers 26H2523 276-1512
JP1,JP4x-JP6x70.1″ pitch1×2 Pinhead --
JP2,JP320.1″ pitch1×3 Pinhead 92F1476(1×40) --
HD110.1″ pitch2×11 Pinhead 92F1480(2×40) --
X2-X760.2″ pitch1×2 Screw Clamp Terminal 34C9478 276-1388
Q1-xxx6IRF510NPN MOSFET 63J7301 276-2072
6TO-220Heatsink 18M8196 276-1368
11ozThermal Grease (need screws or use adhesive) 00Z857 276-1368
IC11HIP4086Gate Driver (Intersil Motor Controller) 48F3230 --
C221 0.01μFGate Driver IC Bypass Capacitor, ≥16V 42H5110 272-1436 0805
C231 4.7μFGate Driver IC Bypass Capacitor, ≥16V 03B2640 271-1101
R4-x610ΩGate Drive Resistor 58K4999 271-1101
R5-x3High-side Resistor 58K4998 --
C3-x30.22μFCharge Pump Capacitor, ≥100V 95B5786 272-1070(50V)
D1-x3UF4002Charge Pump Diode, ≥100V, ≥1A 18C8803 276-1102(1N4003)
IC2-IC76'556Dual '555 Timer 06F7575 276-1728
C16-c2160.1μFTimer IC Bypass Capacitor, ≥16V 79K3646 272-1436 0805
C4-c1512 0.01μFControl Voltage Bypass Capacitor, ≥16V 33C9457 272-131 0805
C1-xxx6 0.1μFFrequency Capacitor, ≥16V 70K8893 272-1434(1μF) 0805
C2-xxx6 0.1μFPulse Width Capacitor, ≥16V 70K8893 272-1434(1μF) 0805
R1-xxx63.3kΩMaximum Frequency (On-time) Resistor 58K5113 271-1321(18×1kΩ) 0603
TP1-xxx610kΩ-1MΩFrequency Potentiometer 01F7227 271-284(1kΩ + 0-100kΩ)
TP2-xxx610kΩ-1MΩPulse Width Potentiometer 01F7227 271-284(1kΩ + 0-100kΩ)
R6110kΩDead Time Adjustment Resistor
c26s-c31s6MOSFET Decoupling Capacitor 0805
c33s-c36s4PCB Bypass Capacitor 0805
c32s1Gate Driver Refresh Capacitor 0805

Newark recently redid their web site, filling it with more bugs than a shovelful of rain forest humus, so I can no longer use their shopping cart to put together a price list. Here is a ‘Quick Paste’ CSV file you may be able to use. [2006-12-27] As of today, purchasing enough parts to build one of these is about $60(US). To make 100 would cost around $4,000 in parts, or $3,300 if the builders provide their own fuse holders, fuses, and heat sink compound.

Yes, except for the HIP4086 gate driver, you could populate this circuit with parts from the Shack, though it will require a few substitutions and cost well over $100(US). [2006-12-27] I wanted to use the most common parts available, and figured if you can get it from the Shack then you can get it from most anywhere else.

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