After Before None of the animals here reproduce, since there are already plenty of our various kinds needing love. The cats remain indoors, the dogs outside. I shall post pictures as I get them.


There are three cats allowing us to live with them.

This is a snapshot of Karl in his favorite chair, taken 2001-11-08.Karl (RIP 2008)

Karl is a large, Holstein-like black and white European shorthair, an immigrant from Spain weighing in at fifteen pounds. His brother Joe (yes, they were named after dead communists) disappeared in Ohio.

Karl was about seventeen years old when he died.

This is a snapshot of Diana and Ambler observing the Universal Woodstove Truce, taken 2005-01-14.Ambler

At his visit to the vet before last, this tabby cat weighed in at eighteen pounds, prompting a switch in food for all the felines to the senior plan. Although he is not noticeably rotund, and is rather an attractive feline with a chest like a barrel and a nose the color of salmon, all the cats have gained about a pound or two over the last few years, as the South Texas heat discourages exercise all summer and the winter is definitely for sleeping. Here he is observing the Universal Woodstove Truce with his tormentor Diana. While awake, Ambler is the clumsiest cat I've known; when he tears around corners for no particular reason, he often loses his footing and slides head- or feet-first into the wall; with his mass, he makes quite an impact. In Albuquerque he ambled up to my former wife when he was a kitten around 1993, but stayed long after she had ambled away.

This is a snapshot of Ginger 2005-01-08.Ginger (RIP)

It took over a year to be able to approach this orange tabby given to me by a lesbian finding homes for the many cats of her deceased mother. Now she (the cat, not the lesbian nor her deceased mother) lives in the bedroom when she is not hiding in her favorite closet.

Update: she's come out of the closet (the cat). Ginger has become a permanent resident of the living room, occupying laps within moments of their appearance.

This is a snapshot of Maui, taken 2005-01-08.Maui

Maui is a female chocolate-point siamese, on permanent loan from a former supervisor. Need I say more?

This is a snapshot of Diana, taken 2005-01-08.Diana

This little terror hitched a ride from Lake Jackson to torment her elders.

This is not a very good snapshot of Tesla and Roy, taken 2001-11-07. Dogs

Three dogs protect us from other critters.


Roy is perhaps ¾ golden retriever and ¼ Chow.


Another animal foisted upon us by a boss, Dakota is a giant black labrador retriever-like beast.


This guy just walked right in the front gate. We think he may be some kind of miniature pinscher/pit bull, a 'minpinpit'.

This is not a very good snapshot of Maxwell, taken 2008-06-07.

Tesla (RIP 2008)

Tesla, a ¾ husky and ¼ Chow mix passed away at about sixteen years old. She was a fluffy, waterproof husky with electric blue eyes.

Tramp (RIP)

Tramp died peacefully the Eleventh of September, 2001. She was perhaps sixteen years old, and lived here many years before I. She is survived by a boatload of siblings adopted up and down the street. She was a good dog.


As soon as the chicken coop is ready, we'll be getting a couple of laying hens.


Anabantoids and African Cichlids are my favorite fish, though because of ongoing destruction and construction, there are no fish tanks set up yet.

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